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Love affair with life.


Seen in Central Park

ugly cry


Seen in Central Park

ugly cry

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Everything is by the will of God.

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Everything is by the will of God.


Baron Vaughn (x)

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Two February’s ago, all I wanted to do was sleep. I was anchored to my bed with the sadness I was letting myself drown in. Now, I daydream about surviving on 3 hours of sleep, I dread going to bed, I keep my eyes open as long as I can. My heart sinks when the sun sets, I crave daylight; I’ve fallen in love with being alive.

— Madisen Kuhn   (via imaan-daar)

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Better You

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Honestly the way people get so supportive whenever I’m trying to achieve goals that require a group effort, just warms my heart like nothing I’ve ever experienced.

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I wish I had enough perspective to look past my life right now. Sometime in the future, the near future, trying to get an A in a class will seem like a laughable struggle, yet here I am suffering over it. I keep reminding myself it isn’t the end of the world. Life is so much harder than this. I am small.

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Need the help of Muslims. ↘


If I could please just grab your attention for a moment.

It’s my final year at university and I’m conducting my dissertation research study on the relationship between religious attitudes and happiness amongst Muslims and Revert Muslims. I would be very grateful if you could…

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I love her when she drinks her morning coffee, and drinks me

And I love her more when she assures me that she’ll take over the world, and take over me.


I love her when she drinks her morning coffee, and drinks me
And I love her more when she assures me that she’ll take over the world, and take over me.
I will always be on the side of those who have nothing and who are not even allowed to enjoy the nothing they have in peace.

— Federico García Lorca. (via jose-corderoarauz)

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